Prof. Dr. Bedirhan Üstün Bio

Prof. Dr. Tevfik Bedirhan Üstün was born in 1958 in Eskişehir. Having graduated from Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine in 1982, Prof. Dr. Üstün worked as a psychiatrist at the same university. Having received the title of Associate Professor in 1993, Prof. Dr. Tevfik Bedirhan Üstün worked at the World Health Organization (WHO; WHO) between 1989-2016. At the end of 2016, he worked as Professor of Health Informatics Systems and Psychiatry at Koç University. Receiving honorary scholarships and various awards from TÜBİTAK and Vehbi Koç Foundation, Prof. Dr. Üstün was named an Honorary Member of the American Psychiatric Association Seçkin and the British Psychiatric Association. Prof. Dr. Tevfik Bedirhan Üstün continues to serve in the Psychiatry Department of the American Hospital.